The SCARF Assessment Model

The SCARF Assessment Model focuses on individual children using three Domains:

  1. Child Development
  2. Parenting Capacity
  3. Family & Community.

Research indicates that these 3 Domains are the key to a child's well-being. The diagram below shows the Domains as three sides of a triangle, which together make up the child’s world. In each Domain there are a number of corresponding Dimensions which will guide you to make an holistic assessment of the child and families needs.

An age related assessment (from unborn to 15+) is completed for each child/young person in a family according to the first 2 Domains:

  • Child Development
  • Parenting Capacity

This approach takes into account that children have individual needs and strengths and play a unique role within the family. The assessment for the third Domain;

  •  Family and Community

 is conducted for the whole family.  

It is recommended good practice to complete the SCARF Child and Family Assessment within 6 weeks.

NB This does not prevent immediate family needs being attended to.


Last updated 11 August 2011