End User Agreement

Set out below is an outline of the steps involved in becoming a Licenced User of e-SCARF.
  1. Contact us for an End User Agreement (EUA) - see sample End User Agreement
  2. Read through carefully. If considering e-SCARF please ensure your agency/program is able to met the IT specifications found at Schedule 5 of the End User Agreement.
  3. Complete 2 copies of the End User Agreement
  4. Ensure you initial the bottom left of each page, sign-off and return both copies to us at the address below.
NB: In order to avoid delays with processing your  EUA, is important to ensure you have completed all sections fully.
Send to:
The Practice Development Centre
Barnardos Australia
GPO Box 9996
Sydney NSW 2001
What happens next?
On receipt of your signed End User Agreement we will counter sign the Agreement and then return a copy to you along with an invoice for payment. Once payment is received, you will be provided with an agency specific username and password which you will need to access the Licensed Users section. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitste to contact us.


Last updated 24 January 2013