Sample Tools

The SCARF tools guide you from referral through to completion of work with a family. They remind you to involve children and their families from the beginning and provide age related assessments that focus on needs and strengths of individual children (from unborn to 15+) as well as their families. SCARF assists you and the family to agree on clear plans that meet their specific needs and to review the outcomes of these plans together. To see a flowchart of the SCARF case management system click here.

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Referral Record 

Contains information from the referring agency or person. It includes personal details, reasons for the referral and any action to be taken.

What's Your Story? (information sheet) 
This information sheet assists with discussion around the work that will be completed with the family, helping to build trust in the initial stage of engagement.
Child and Family Assessment 
The Child and Family Assessment is divided into 3 parts:
  • Domain A - Child Development
  • Domain B - Parenting Capacity
  • Domain C - Family and Community

Each Domain has within it a set of Dimensions. Domain A and B assessments focus on the individual child and are age related (from unborn to 15+). The Domain C assessment is completed  for the whole family. It is best practice to complete the whole assessment process within 6 weeks.

To see a pictorial representation of the assessment model click here.  
Are optional supplementary questions that examine the dimensions in more detail, provding more in depth analyse of a particular dimension if required. Add-Its are helpful in complex situations to ensure that a need is adequately described. Add-Its in Domain A and B are age related.
Planning Agreement
In the Planning Agreement the needs identified in the assessment are prioritised and an overall plan is proposed. The intention of the Planning Agreement is to establish a commitment between the service and the family.
Action Plan
Action Plans are the "engine" of the SCARF case management system. They detail who is to do what and by when. Action Plans clearly identify the need (s) to be addressed and the planned outcome, for evalaution later.
Review Record 
Gives a framework to record progress since the last review. The review is an opportunity to evaluate completed Action Plans and consider what further action may be required.
Record of Contact
Is a quick and efficient method of recording the contact a worker has with family members.
Closure Record
Provides an opportunity to summarise services provided and progress made. Both workers and family members evaluate work undertaken.

Last updated 11 August 2011