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Australian Institute of Criminology


Children’s exposure to domestic violence in Australia

by Kelly Richards





Alternative care: Comparative analysis of
kin versus residential models

Tomison, A M; Stanley, J (2001). Strategic Directions in Child Protection: Informing Policy and Practice. Unpublished report for the South Australian Department of Human Services





Children in Care - Resource Sheet

by Alister Lamont

2008 edition, Foster care, by Nick Richardson, Mel Irenyi & Joan Kelleher.
2009, 2010 editions, Children in care, by Nick Richardson, Mel Irenyi and Briony Horsfall.
2011 edition, by Alister Lamont.





Child deaths from abuse and neglect in Australia

Alister Lamont
National Child Protection Clearinghouse
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies





Child protection and Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Children

Compiled by Claire Berlyn, Leah Bromfield & Alister Lamont





Cultural considerations in out-of-home care

Nicholas Richardson, Dr Leah Broomfield and Dr Alexandra



Aus Anthrop


Introduction to Australian Indigenous Social Organisation: transforming concepts

Laurent DOUSSET, 2002 (a similar version of this part was lectured at the University of Western Australia, March 2002)



 Australian Human Rights Commission


Social Justice Report 2008 Chapter 4:Beyond the Apology - an agenda for healing

 Copyright © Australian Human Rights Commission



Australian Institute of Family Studies


The UK Looking After Children approach in Australia

by Sarah Wise




Addressing violence, abuse and oppression : debates and challenges

Barbara Fawcett, Ph.D P; Fran Waugh


Towards Healing Recognizing the trauma surrounding Aboriginal family Violence

  Karen Menzie and Lorna McNamara




Supporting Children and Responding to Families
Implementation of the Framework for the
Assessment of Children in Need and
their Families: The Experience of Barnardos Australia

Dr Elizabeth Fernandez
Rosanna Romeo
School of Social Work
The University of New South Wales


Department of Human Services, NSW Community Services


OOHC Caseload Review Report
Benchmark Study

16 September 2010

Department of Human Services, NSW Community Services





Appendix 4 Supporting outcome 4: Children who have been abused or neglected receive the support and care they need for their safety and wellbeing




 Extract from Putting Children First, the magazine of the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC) Issue 30 June 2009

(Pages 9 - 11)

 Including Aboriginal Australia in your service

by Gangari Bamford Maguire & Associates


Life Without Barriers


Health Needs for Children in out-of- home care


By Melinda Clarke and Kylie Gwynne. Life Without Barriers




NSW Department of Community Services



Working with Aboriginal People and Communities 

Produced by Aboriginal Services Branch in consultation with the
Aboriginal Reference Group
©NSW Department of Community Services


NSW Government


Suicide and risk-taking deaths of children and young people

Report written by Dr Melissa A collaborative research project undertaken by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People, the NSW Child Death Review Team and the Centre for Mental Health



NSW Family and Community Service


NSW Department of Community Services Annual Report 2006/2007

Placement of children and young people in out-of-home care



NSW Family and Community Service


Models of service deliver and interventions for children and young people with high needs

Produced by
Centre for Parenting and Research
NSW Department of Community Services




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