Reporting a LACES Problem Guide

  • Be precise
  • Be clear - explain it so others can reproduce the problem
  • No bug is too trivial to report - small bugs may hide big bugs
  • Clearly separate fact from speculation\
Briefly describe the problem. A good summary should quickly and uniquely identify the problem. It should explain the problem, not your suggested solution. Please include: Is this a new problem, do others have this problem?
Where did you find the problem? What part of the system, what form, what page, what question, what child? Is it a LACES problem or a wider system problem? Were you or others able to reproduce the problem? How?  If possible take a “screen- shot” of the problem by pushing the “print screen” button. This will make a copy of the screen and then you can paste it into your email or word doc to attach.
Other useful infomation 
On which operating system (OS) did you find the problem? (e.g. Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X.)
Please note that LACES should work and most problems can be fixed so it is important to report any problems rather than “put up” with them.

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If the problem is urgent please call the PDC team on (02) 9218 2343

Last updated 30 July 2013