Welcome to LAC

Looking After Children was developed by Barnardos Practice Development Centres and the UNSW. It was Australia’s  first guided practice case management system to address the complex needs of children and young people in out-of-home care. In August 2014, Barnardos released their next generation in guided case management, building on LAC and integrating cutting edge technology. This product is called MyStory.



MyStory is based on the best practice principles of LAC and encompasses the same aims; to provide better outcomes for children and young people by allowing significant people (including the children themselves, parents, carers, caseworkers etc) to focus on the child or young person's individual needs. The core message of both LAC and MyStory is Participation - allowing children and young people, as is deemed age appropriate, to contribute to the decisions made about them.

LAC and MyStory encourage transparency in case management practices and promote accountability through an ongoing process of review and assessment.

As guided practice tools, LAC and MyStory help standardise out of home care practices whilst allowing caseworkers to use their professional judgment in making crucial decisions.

LAC was developed in the UK by the Department of Health (now know as the Department for Children, Schools and Families) to improve outcomes for children & young people who for a variety of reasons, have been separated from their homes and families. LAC has been extensively adapted to meet Australian legislation and casework practice and has been further developed in Australia into LACES the Looked After Children Electronic System, a web based application. MyStory was built here in Australia and is ready to take the good work of LACES to the next level.

The Practice Development Centre continue to support existing users of LACES and are recommending MyStory to new agencies in OOHC.  

Find out more about MyStory, the next generation of LACES here.

Last updated 06 November 2014